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Client day in the restourant “KING”!20161025_124224

13.12.16. Our Golden card brings to it owen discount for 25% in restourant KING!

We will be waiting for you!

You can get more information about date of grand discount on our wesite or Facebook!

Thank you!

Golden client day!20161025_124224

 In one day per month we have a “Day of client”. IT means, that Golden card give discount for 25% in our restourant for its owner. If you want to know what day is it, check, please, news on our webpage or Facebook!


Special prices in summerIMG_3291

31 euro / SGL
42 евро / DBL/TWIN (first floor)
52 euro / DBL/TWIN (second floor)
64 euro / TRIPLE
80 euro / VIP

* breakfast do not include in price.
Breakfast is possible to order separately for 5 euro.


Buy in our restaurant 2 big beersПиво+гренки.

with discount and will receive crackers



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